Add more function entries.
12-Jul-2017, 16-Jul
Corrected some of the wording in the Year 2038 notes entry. Moving back to the GPL for licensing.
Add Groovy and Nickle to performance (unfinished in terms of charting). Fix typo in charting.icn that had loadfunc faster than C timing.
More operators, add Smalltalk performance.
03-Apr-2017, 08-Apr, 09-Apr, 11-Apr, 16-Apr, 17-Apr, 27-Apr
Duplicate the precedence chart in operators.rst, add PHP tightloop. Update unicon.rst overview and add some notes, add Ada tightloop. Add Elixir performance, reorganize summary chart. Add more on run-benchmark. More operators. Even more operators. Add Rust performance.
04-Mar-2017, 15-Mar
Tweak CSS with a nudge over and light gray filler. More functions.
09-Feb-2017, 28-Feb
Operators as functions sample. Bump to v0.6 with builder in Python3, drop i18n-l10n gettext warning about invalid utf-8, drop second preamble.
13-Jan-2017, 14-Jan, 18-Jan, 28-Jan, 31-Jan
More notes. Small tweaks to Unicon overview. Background colour for PDF verbatim boxes. More tweaks, and experiments with CSS. Left align placement of document pages.
01-Jan-2017, 02-Jan, 03-Jan, 04-Jan, 05-Jan, 07-Jan, 08-Jan, 09-Jan, 12-Jan
Tweaks to libffi entry. More tweaks with uniffi haru.icn added, new blog entry. Updated some notes. Attempt css tweaks (widen in particular). More tweaks, simplify reserved word formatting to bold. Move uniffi and unitest samples to a separate directory. Add unilist list sample, add Tiny C embedding sample. Add numbers.icn to IPL blurb, more functions. Add BaCon BASIC uniffi sample to multilanguage.rst.
30-Dec-2016, 31-Dec
Add the experimental native C calling feature via assembler to multilanguage. Add libffi info along with native assembly, uniffi.
16-Dec-2016, 17-Dec, 18-Dec, 20-Dec, 21-Dec, 23-Dec, 24-Dec, 25-Dec, 27-Dec
Re-org performance headings, add ooRexx loadfunc sample. Add more on ucode. Add some icode blurbs, add assembler tightloop. Add a performance timing barchart and reorganize the section. Small tweaks to chart. A few more function entries. Added some RosettaCode entries, touched on theory meanderings. Bump to version 5, move down to LGPL license, status codes carried through with unicon -x (custom change at the moment). Touch on tools.rst.
01-Dec-2016, 02-Dec, 03-Dec, 06-Dec, 08-Dec, 09-Dec, 11-Dec, 13-Dec, 14-Dec
Added an assembler loadfunc sample. Add PH7 sample, add vedis sample. Add UnQLite sample. Changed in unicon.rst, new note, more on operators. Tweak preamble. Add libcox sample, typo fixes and some corrections as pointed out by Clinton. Tweaks to unicon.rst, start in on using function directive. Add Lua to performance. Add ALGOL, shell, Neko, Nim, Vala, Vala/Genie and ECMAScript performance samples.
22-Nov-2016, 23-Nov, 24-Nov, 25-Nov, 26-Nov, 27-Nov, 28-Nov, 30-Nov
A little bit more on structures, change body_text_align conf to justify, bump to 0.3. Touch ups in expression.rst, reserved and tools, work on image sizing between PDF and HTML builds. Tweak overview section. More overview details. More functions, expand on tools and vim syntax file, fight with new favicon.ico, added features.rst along with some new notes. Add EvSend (bogus), libz sample, reorgs and fix ups, added SNOBOL, REXX D, and Perl to the performance samples, more functions. More functions, try different rst roles. Fixed parent() description, add Java to performance, fix parent function description. Add a ucode highlighter to Pygments
08-Nov-2016, 10-Nov, 11-Nov, 13-Nov, 14-Nov, 15-Nov, 16-Nov, 19-Nov, 21-Nov
Small tweaks to performance code listing formatting. More functions, update tools.rst. Add libsoldout program sample. Update Unicon overview, move to sourceforge, add a favicon. New blog entry about the forge build, add Lua loadable program sample, mention make in tools.rst. Add Fortran alpha loadfunc trials. Add Fortran, Guile and BaCon to the performance timings. Added AJAX to networking.rst. Touch on threading.rst, move SVN checkout location to shorten command listings.
14-Oct-2016, 15-Oct, 17-Oct, 23-Oct, 25-Oct, 26-Oct, 27-Oct, 28-Oct, 30-Oct
Done most of the core Unicon functions. More graphic functions, add theory.rst. Update repl entry to show off new list replication, add a rosettacode sample, add Tcl and COBOL to the tightloop time trials. Lots of tweaks, more functions. Add ficl loadfunc program sample, added ficl and S-Lang performance entries. Dropped the alpha status warning and bump to release 0.2, blog entry on the admin invite, updated tools.rst, more keywords. More keywords, Event sample now using Enqueue. Finished pending items in keywords.rst. Update intro, tweaks, more functions, fill in graphic attribute list.
02-Oct-2016, 03-Oct, 04-Oct, 06-Oct, 08-Oct, 09-Oct, 10-Oct, 12-Oct, 13-Oct
Add multilanguage.rst. Start using start-after for code listing includes and update all current sample headers. Start in on testing.rst. Touched on documentation.rst, update one of the build machines to Fedora 24 and associated update of Sphinx, more functions, keywords. More functions. More functions. Licensed under the GPL 3.0+. More functions. More functions.
Updated precedence chart.
16-Sep-2016, 17-Sep, 18-Sep, 19-Sep, 20-Sep, 21-Sep, 26-Sep, 27-Sep, 28-Sep
Added lists.icn to ipl.rst, and wrap sample. More function samples (into the C’s). More functions, new blog entry mentioning unittest. More functions (starting in on the D’s), touched on threading. More reserved word entries. Initial pass of reserved.rst almost complete. Tweaks, more functions. Added link to Graphics Programming in Icon. More functions, a little tweaking of highlighter, removed race condition from the thread reserved word sample (thanks to Jafar), more on string scanning, try actdiag.
01-Sep-2016, 02-Sep, 06-Sep, 07-Sep, 08-Sep, 09-Sep, 11-Sep, 13-Sep, 14-Sep
Second step with Duktape, added valgrind report to the sample. Add objects.rst, add uniruby loadfunc for mruby. Rename statements to reserved.rst, categorize the reserved words. Added readline and gettext sample programs, with notes about the Spanish capture being wrong and the need to update the Sphinx build tool to Python 3. Added initial expression precedence list, add threading.rst, change all -quiets to -s. Added fizzbuzz, added colour name options provided by Jafar, added to ipl.rst, added list comprehension example. Added uval program trials for eval(), expanded on patterns and regex. A few more function examples.
27-Aug-2016, 28-Aug, 30-Aug, 31-Aug
Added patterns.rst, first SNOBOL conversion sample, Kudos blog post, added the full todo list to the bottom of the main Blog.rst file, added programs.rst with an initial S-Lang embedded interpreter example. Update statements, add COBOL loadfunc sample program. Update slang.c, add slangFile and flatten S-Lang arrays, update to unicon -s for quiet mode. icall.h fixed by Jafar, mkRlist now properly an array of double, added the first step of a Duktape ECMAScript integration program, more operator stubs.
18-Aug-2016, 19-Aug, 20-Aug, 21-Aug, 22-Aug, 23-Aug, 24-Aug, 25-Aug, 26-Aug
Corrections as pointed out by Jafar, started in on structures. Execution Monitoring, add sphinxcontrib-blockdiag, add networking.rst, start adding get the code links. Added statement stubs, reserved words and starting in on functions.rst, added debugging.rst and testing.rst. Put pending on most programs to speed up the doc build, added documentation.rst and preprocessor.rst. Miscellaneous updates and filling in entries. More functions, some edits suggested by Jafar regarding ifdef feature testing. Finished keywords from data in src/runtime/keywords.r, consistent footers, simple loadfunc example. Experiment with ABlog. Update networking.rst, add a Blog entry with another Jafar fix, and Ruby to performance, tweaked explanations in expressions.rst, added some pictures to unicon.rst, statements was missing a stub for abstract.
01-Aug-2016, 02-Aug, 03-Aug, 11-Aug, 13-Aug, 14-Aug, 15-Aug, 16-Aug, 17-Aug
More work on the Icon and Unicon Pygments source highlighter. Start using program-output Sphinx contribution for working samples. Adding keywords, added show_related to Alabaster config, add note about Icon vs Unicon and the origin of some features. Separate ChangeLog file from notes, adding keyword stubs and some people. More keywords, add monitoring.rst. More examples, add graphics.rst. Add expressions.rst, more keyword samples. (Birthday) Add rosettacode.rst and the PlotPairs sample. Added the gui.icn button sample. Add database.rst, performance.rst. Add operators.rst.
29-Jul-2016, 30-Jul, 31-Jul
Started the Unicon Programming document set. Icon history added. Adding datatypes.rst and structures.rst.

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