Unicon loadfunc

I’ve been playing around with the Unicon loadfunc built in function.

After the first couple of sample Programs, it is becoming abundantly apparent that Unicon has vast potentials.

With very little effort, Unicon is now sporting prototype integrations with

These layers will only get stronger and more robust as build outs continue, and already imply that great things lie in store.

All it takes is an idea, and some few lines of code, to expose entirely new ways of leveraging the powers baked into Unicon. High level Unicon can enlist various assistants and allow all kinds of pre-existing solutions to be part of a larger Unicon development effort. If only as a temporary measure until full Unicon source solutions can be put in place.

Along with the already tight integration with C, it seems the sky is nowhere near the limit when it comes to applying Unicon to modern programming problems.

Can’t recommend strongly enough how all developers should spend some time getting to know the Unicon programming language. The future awaits the intrepid programmer. A future, just waiting to be conquered.

In other news

Clinton Jeffery has been busy polishing the Pattern features in Unicon 13 alpha. Recent commits include extensions to Unicon monitoring and instrumentation surrounding patterns. These additions are sure to make some SNOBOL programmers quite jealous, and increase the incentives to port some SNOBOL code over to a Unicon implementation. See Rev 4504 in the Unicon source tree for a few of the details.

Have good, make well.