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Debugging Unicon

Unicon development is, in large part, an academic research effort. With later releases, Unicon is adding features ready for industrial and commercial use, but the seeds are in academia. This bodes well for debugging features, with facilities available to quantize and analyze program correctness, performance and aid in visualization of program structure and runtime characteristics.

XKCD debugging

XKCD by Randall Munroe CC BY-NC 2.5


Unicon has tracing features baked in. A command line switch

unicon -t program.icn

turns on tracing. There is also a check for an environment variable TRACE, during program startup, and the keyword &trace to provide fine tuned control over when source level tracing is used.


Ziad A. Al-Sharif wrote a dissertation on an Extensible Debugging Architecture, and one of the aspects of the paper was a production ready Unicon Debugger, UDB.

The dissertation is in Technical Report (UTR10a 2009/01/08) Debugging with UDB.

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